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Domain Hosting Question - Subdomain pointing to different hosting

pinaldave used Ask the Experts™
Hi All,

Here is the issue. I am hosting a site http://www.somesite.com at godaddy.com

I want to keep all my hosting at http://www.somesite.com but want to point http://images.sometsite.com to another hosting like bluehost or hosting or somehost site.

Please advise how to do this in godaddy.com
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Log into your account.

Click on "My Account" far left of the top menu bar.

Click on your domain under "My Domains"

Under "DNS Manager", click "Launch"

Under the "CNAME Alias" find your subdomain and edit it to point to the IP address of your new host.
but it is talking about domain forwarding I am looking for subdomain forwarding? how does that works...? Please guide.
Hi Omniunlimited something here make sense but the IP will not be constant as I do not have dedicated IP how would I address this situation?
If you use Hostmonster or Bluehost you will have a shared ip address that you will see in your CPanel.  You can either use that or use that along with a tilde (~) and your username:


I think so, it is very difficult to host subdomain on different hosting server.

You need to move your primary domain for this.


You need to add 'images' A record in the somesite.com DNS zone and point the record to the server IP wherever the site images.somesite.com is hosted on! It's easy!