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Subscriptions in SSRS Sharepoint Integrated Mode are not working

Sleestack90 used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to set up scheduling on a report in Sharepoint, but get the following error message every time we try to execute the job:

 "The permissions granted to user ('Domain\user') are insufficient for performing this operation."

Here are details of the setup:

1.  The Data Source Type is Microsoft SQL Server, and the credentials are stored credentials.  The "Use as Windows Credentials" and "Set Execution Context" buttons are unchecked.
2.  The report will run without errors when it is run "On Demand".
3.  Reporting Services and the Sharepoint Server are both on the same box.  The report server database as well as the data source for the report are on a seperate box.
4.  SSRS is running in Sharepoint Integrated Mode.
5.  The user account in the error message refers to the account that set the subscription up, and not to the account in the stored credentials in the data source.  Domain Admin level permissions are used in both.

This is my first experience running in Sharepoint integrated mode, and I was not involved in the actual Sharepoint setup.  Any help would be appreciated.
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We are using the previous version of SQL and Sharepoint: SQL 2008 (Enterprise but not R2) and Sharepoint 2007.  We did essentially follow the same installation steps in the article and are able to deploy and run a report, but we can't do it thru subscriptions.


I went through the links and while there was nothing that addressed permissions or reasons why the subscriptions failed, I did learn about Data Driven Subscriptions.  When I created one on my server, I got the following error at the end of the setup:

The '(Site)' report has user profile dependencies and cannot be run unattended. ---> Microsoft.ReportingServices.Diagnostics.Utilities.HasUserProfileDependenciesException: The (Site) report has user profile dependencies and cannot be run unattended.

I didn't receive this message in the regular subscriptions section, which let me set the subscription properties, but failed on execution.
Can you check your Access provision for Share point and Reporting services.
and Can you able create profile.


How do I do that?
I am not familar on this,Contact system administrator for more  assistance.


Will do.  That individual is out for the next few days.

I appreciate your help so far and will get back to you as soon as I speak with them.


the solution was to add the SQL execution account to the web.config file for the SharePoint site.

Sleestack90, I have exactly the same problem (same error message) while attempting to se tup a  data-drivern subscription in integrated mode. - where you able to resolve yours? Is so, could you share it?