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I have moved house and cant connect to my new adsl wirless router with my desktop.
The tech on the phone for the company says i need to update driver but it has worked fine for past 2 years on another wirless router.

the network WLAN settings says SSID has the  correct network.

asus 802.11g network adapter

the signal strength says strong and also has limited or no internet?

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try to manually add your wireless network with all the details

something similar to the one below:
can you connect to it with a wire and make sure that everything is working that way?


it works fine with ethernet cable
Kruno DžoićSystem Engineer

sorry , wrong question


i have win XP and a desktop not a notebook.

still not getting anywhere


i cant manually add to a network as i get some  error
what error please?


I contacted my service provider, they could access my desktop via software and ethernet cable.
They said the wireless adapter is faulty but it works fine at another house.

I was told to get a netgear adapter or spend 3 times the amount to get a technician over.

that is unacceptable on their behalf. how is it possible for the wireless adapter to be faulty but to work fine in another house. You should tell them to follow their original suggestion to update the drivers and take it from there. you are a paying customer.

tell them to check all the network settings. i would start with disabling all sorts of wireless security on the router and take it from there.


they talked about the laptops work as they have a wifii connection different to the older desktop wireless adapter.

i did update my driver and no luck.

they have tried settings on the router as they had access to it.

i will ask the compuyer shop for advice and see if this makes sense.
You should be very methodical about this as you appear to have limited experience.

First, establish for us what the network setup is:
- is there a modem or is there a modem/router combination?
- is the wireless router additional or built into a modem/router combination box?
- what are the model numbers?
This will be helpful.

Next, as you say the ethernet cable works:
- Wire the computer to the modem with the network interface set to "get an IP address automatically".
- Note the IP address you get and the gateway address.
- Open a browser and put the gateway address into the address.
You should get access to the modem control panel interface.

If it's just a modem then it's still likely that it will provide LAN addresses via DHCP.  In fact that has to already be working and all you need to to now is confirm the DHCP settings, that the modem has a WAN IP address, that the Status or Home information looks good.
If this is also the wireless router then you should check al the wireless settings:
Security mode: WEP, WPA, WPA-2, etc.  and if WAP then AES, TKIP, etc.
Security passphrase:  I would re-enter it.

All that done, now try the wireless connection.

Your comment about not being able to set up an interface suggests a problem with the computer.  
You might do this:
1) Go to Control Panel, System, Device Manager.
Remove all the network interfaces.
Reboot.  They will reinstall.
2) Run a TCP/IP stack repair program.

Try again.

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