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Hello All
We are having a "sudden change" in the behaviour of Outlook installations where users have multiple profiles.

We have situations where parttime users have by necessity "owner" type access to each other’s mailfile.
Each of these users has multiple profiles where there is someone's else mailfile set up as a primary one.
Because of the "owner" type access they can just start Outlook for user #1 using a profile where the mailfile of user #2 is the primary.
We created this type of setup because the alternative (attaching multiple mailfiles to one profile, where each additional mailfile has to be handled in "online" mode) slows down Outlook so much that we get performance issues.

Today however we see clients (both Win7+Office2007 and WinXP+Office2003) asking for a login each time a profile is started which has someone else’s mailfile as primary.
No matter what we try, the system now keeps asking for a login. (However when we have set up an AD group for the permissions to a mailbox (like we do with all generic type mailboxes) then the system does NOT ask for a login.)
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In exchange you can also grant the full access permision, this will eliminate the need to put in a password. The bottom line is if the user logged into AD via the workstation has to have all/full permissions to the mailbox being accessed. If it doesn't then Outlook will prompt for the correct credentials.

In outlook 2007 and 2010 browse to mailboxes and right click the mailbox that needs permissions assigned to it, right click and select "Manage Full Access Permissions" then add all of users that need full access to the mailbox.

Sorry I had a typo above, I meant to say Exchange 2007 and 2010 not Outlook.

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