How to set the scroll point of a jquery.localscroll plugin

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I have a localscroll plugin the same as you see in the "what we do' section of this link

I have converted the entire page to an aspx but lets assume all the html is the same.

My question is - How would I force say the 3rd item to be the one that is displayed on form load?

I am a newbie to javascript but have been playing around with using a  RegisterStartupScript to immediately scroll to the 3rd (or any nominated) section.

My problem is I cannot find the right code that will perform this for me.

Here is a link to the page I have been trying to interpret fro a solution. (This is the actual pluggin I am working with.)

So, how can I override the default position (being the first div) and  determine the visible section of the wrapper div on form_load.

Here is the current code from the plugins.js file.

            $.localScroll.defaults.axis = 'y';
                  target:  '#services-container',
                  queue:    true,
                  margin:   true,
                  duration: 1000

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you can simulate an anchor click like this it is defaulted:

something like this:


That was not exactly what I needed but it gave me some information that helped me achieve what i was looking for. Thanks

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