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Reporting Service 2005 - server move

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Hi Experts,

I have a server running Reporting Services 2005. The current RS server hardware is due to be replaced. The SQL server that it communicates with (separate) is staying put. What is the method used to move the Reports from one server to another?
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Hi ,
    This article can help you.
you are going to love this little handy tools then:

Reporting Services Scripter

With this tools, you can extract all the report out from SSRS and generate a set of script for import the report again into the new server. Use it with care!!! it work great in my purpose but you should test it and see if it serve your purpose as well.


Yes, thank you for that comment but I already use that great tool. What I wanted to achieve was a complete “process” for moving from server A to server B and re-pointing RS from server B to back to the production SQL server. I wanted to avoid having to recreate subscriptions – of which there are lot.
I assumed, rightly or wrongly, that I couldn’t have 2 copies of RS pointing at the same DB on the SQL server.


Mimran18, thank you for your comment but KB842425 relates to moving the RS DB. In my case the RS DB stays put and the Reports, Subscriptions ETC are moved.
I believe all of the reports and subscriptions are stored in the SSRS DB.  And yes, you can have more than one web server hosting the web portion of SSRS and pointing at the same SSRS DB.  That's actually how you scale out SSRS.




I hadn’t planned to resolve the issue in this manner. It did however make me look at this feature of RS in more detail which I will use for another solution.