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We are using Exchange 2010, I need to know is there a way we can automate email signatures for all users for inbound and outbound email. May be if we can set a signature template and attach that template for all users, or may be if we can choose different template based on users memebership something like this. If it is doable then can we use company log in the signature as well?

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Here is a good tutorial for exchange 2010

This is not possible on all other versions of exchange, you may want to try one of these third party applications

It is best to use Exchange 2010 transport rules.

Here is a tutorial how you can use this feature with HTML signatures:
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With Exchange 2010 we have a lot more options configuring signatures with exchange hub transport rules. Here is a blog post about using dynamic signature with exchange 2010

If these options won't so for you you or need to use outlook to set signatures manual for every one and users have the abbillity to change or remove them. Or you need to look for third party tools like codetwo or exclaimer

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Check this beautiful link. It mentions how you can set a signature template for individual users.


I followed this link
and copy paste the text below under disclaimer text inside transport rule. Offcourse i replaced the image link below with my image link of the internet. The link image is basically company logo which will be the same for everyone however my question is putting internet link for company logo some of the anti-spam scanners remove the image. Is this the only best way to achieve this or can i embed logo some other way. Thanks


<table border="0" width="100%">
<td width="85">
<img border="1" src="">
</td><td valign="top"><font face="Garamond">
<b>%%Firstname%% %%Lastname%%</b></font><br>
<font size="2" face="Calibri">%%department%%<br>
Telephone: %%Phone%% <br>
%%Company%% <br>
%%Street%% <br>
%%City%%, %%State%% %%ZipCode%%
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That is exact the problem of the included way to create signatures with exchange, you can only add a link to a picture and some spam filters remove the pictures yes.

If you want to embed a picture to your signature you will have to look for a third party product.


But i remember i never had a problem in the past having picture in email signature if i am doing through outlook.

I used to right click and copy picture from the working internet page and paste directly inside outlook 2003 tools > signautre. This process embed picuture with internet link and never had problem with any anti spamer in the world blocking.

Just wondering if there is a ways we can acheive this via exchagne 2010 using transport rule or anyother method without using any thrid party.

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you are right this could also be done with outlook, only thing is it is not a centralized option. You need to configure it for all users in outlook and if someone uses owa it must also be configured with owa and if the same person is using a mobile device it moust be configured on the mobile device.
AND people have the abbillity to change the signature or remove it when they want.

So if this is allright with you you could use the client side options. If you want a centralized configuration, you need to use exchange 2010 (no pictures can be embedded only linked) or a third party solution if you want an embed picture.

For a Central Management of Signature in Outlook, I would look at Exclaimer Signature Manager


For central management on the exchange server there is Exclaimer Mail Disclaimers


We are using exchange 2010. Its shame that only link can be specified but not the actual picture via transport rule. thanks
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It might come in a next services pack or update or new version, but it is something with exchange 2007 you could only create a plain text signature / disclaimer.

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