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Server 2008 IE9 GPO

inhaledalarm used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to set up a default home page for a school i work at but am having an issue, under the control panel settings -> internet settings server 2008 will only show settings for IE7 even though IE9 is installed.

Other information: Server 2008(not r2), Clients are running windows 7(sp1).

Any advice? thanks in advance.
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You do not need specific IE9 settings simply for the homepage. The following location will allow you to set it

User configuration\polices\windows settings\internet explorer maintenance\urls/important urls

If you are locking down the system to prevent changes you may have selected the setting below, in which case set the homepage there aswell

User configuration\polices\administrative templates\windows components/internet explorer/disable changing homepage settings


dariusq: that 2nd link you sent me is a download page for xlsx spread sheet, do i rename it to .admx and add it to the correct folder(%systemroot%->PolicyDefinitions)? Sorry if i am asking a obvious question, i have not worked with windows since server 2000(i am a Linux guy)
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No that is just a list for you to see the polices that are available