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Migrate sharepoint 2007 to 2010 from sbs2008 to sbs2011

Greetings experts,

I just migrated my SBS2008 network to SBS2011.  Everything went great, now I need to move the sharepoint over.  
I am not a SQL or Sharepoint expert.
I have been looking for a step by step list, but cannot find one, that shows all the steps, they all say backup then restore and upgrade.  I know I need to do a Database backup then restore, according to TechNet.
Problem is, I’m not sure how to create the SQL instance to restore it to.  
Can someone give me step by step instructions on how to upload and then upgrade my *.bak file to 2011 sharepoint using 2008 sql?
Also after everything is moved:
1.      How do I detach the DB from sql 2005?  When I go to detach it says the db is in use.  Is there a service to stop?  I stopped the SQL server service for sbsmonitoring, but it still wouldn’t detach. ( I will detach before I upload to new server so data isn’t changed on old system)
2.      Once the DB is uploaded and upgraded in sql 2008, will the same port 4721 work?  

Thank you for your help
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1. You need to stop all sharepoint services before detaching.  This should release the database.  Stop any service with SharePoint in the name, as well as the Web Publishing service.  
2. If you are using a special SQL port in 2005, you will need to configure 2008 in the same way.  If you are using an out of the box SQL port, dont do anything.
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Thank you for your help.  It turned out that I had to call Microsoft.  The sharepoint upgrade prep wouldn't even run.  Spent 14 hours on the phone with them fixing the site.  Plus something called Bamboo was used when the original site was built, so that was causing problems.  They did the work while I watched, so sorry I don't have anything to give to others who are stuck.. except, if you can't figure it out, call MS.  It only costs $250 for the case, and they will stick with you till it's done.
You asked two questions and accepted an asnwer that had nothing to do with what you asked.  You didn't ask anything about the migration, you asked how to detach a database that said it was in use.  It was saying this because you didn't stop the SharePoint services prior to detatching.

Then you asked about a port after upgrade.  Right?