Try Catch block not catching?

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I have a simple function which tries to get a value from an Obout grid filter column, and if the value is empty, ignores it and moves on.  For some reason this code ignore my catch block and always shows a System.FormatException when the input string is empty!

More bizarre, if I use visual studio's debugger and set a breakpoint on that line, the catch block functions normally (after I continue from that line).  I have already confirmed that my Debug | Exceptions | CLR are not set to catch when thrown.  I have also confirmed this same behavior in the production version.

    'Get the month selected
        Dim MonthSelected As Integer
            MonthSelected = CInt(DateCreatedColumn.FilterCriteria.Value)
        Catch ex As Exception
            'If value is empty / not a number reset the filter
            DateCreatedColumn.FilterCriteria.FilterExpression = String.Empty
        End Try
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I would check the value of the DateCreatedColumn.FilterCriteria.Value

use something like this:
This way if it has trouble parsing num will be -1
Dim num As Integer
If Not Integer.TryParse(DateCreatedColumn.FilterCriteria.Value, num) Then
	    num = -1
End If

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Which method of the Page class is this code in?
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Using Try...Catch to define the flow of a program is never a good situation. Since you know that this situation can cause a problem, it would be a lot better to use If...End If to detect the situation and correct it. This would make the application a little faster and would not used up resources (a Try...Catch must build the Exception object).

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