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How to access files from SAS HDD Externally

Russell Kozora
Russell Kozora used Ask the Experts™
So, we've just recently had to replace a domain controller on our network with a machine that's currently using the same name, and IP address. This was a sort of spur of the moment thing, and ran into some issues when we had taken down the old server.

We need to access files from the old servers hdd, but are unable to turn on the machine, as it's IP address and name will conflict with the new server. We cannot login locally at the moment, and are required to pull the files from the servers HDD externally.

So, here's my problem...The HDD is a SAS drive (serial attached scsi), and we currently do not have any other machine that use this type of interface. So, I'm pretty much looking for some sort of adapter or external enclosure that I can use to plug the drive into another machine. Has anyone heard of such a device for these HDDs, or any weird workaround that I could use?
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SAS drives need a SAS controller, just like USB sticks need a USB controller.  There is no work-around.  CompUSA, NewEgg, eBay, Frys,  they'll all have them.  

 (The old server doesn't have a PCI-based SAS controller you can just plug into the new server?  Did you check?)
Russell KozoraManager-IS/IT Support Srevices


That's what I was afraid of...We actually don't have the server onsite, so I wasn't able to see for myself if there already was a contoller. I was just shipped the hard drive.

I'll check with the location, and see what they have available.

Thanks for your help!