ftp over ssl and linksys routers

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I am trying to connect to a ftps server. here are my issues
1.  if i connect directly to the dsl modem i can connect and transfer files with no issue
2 if i connect to my linksys WRT54g router running firmware ver 8.00.8 the connection kicks off just fine.  but after about 10 min the connection hangs and times out.
3 in desperation i have turned off all of the firewall features on the linksys router
4 i have open ports 1 - 65,000 on the router and forwarded them to the ip address of my local machine.
5. my local machine firewall is turned off\
6 the ftp client i am using is coreftp le and the server is set to use a passive connection.

like I stated above the connection and transfer works perfectly unless i am connected to the linksys router in which case the connection seems to be working but after about 10 min it goes from uploading to xfering and then just fails after the retry limit is reached.
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WRT54g might be one of ~10 generations. They differ greatly in terms of internal software. I could not find any Linksts WRT54G which has SW v8.00.8

(2) If you encrypt FTP control connection Your Router is unable to understand that it is FTP control connection that should be kept alive and diconnects after preset timeout.

Pleasee undo (3)-(6) as they do not solve a problem, only contribute to insecurity.

I would suggest SSH and SCP (Like WinSCP) which includes (off by default) keep-alive mechanism which makes router think connection is alive.

If you do not find explicitly configurable "TCP idle timeout" of 600 seconds to set to two days or so then you might need to explore availability of dd-wrt and/or openwrt firmware for your router (make sure you can "unbrick" without soldering ) and gave this and most other timeouts configurable.

You can overcome router timeouts with an FTP client that supports periodically generating some traffic on the control connection, to avoid allowing that to become idle.

When opening the connection in the Coreftp LE   program, turn on the "Keep Alive" option

Edit the site in your site manager before connecting, find the Advanced button/advanced options,
Enable  'Keep Alive' under the FTP connections settings.

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CoreFTPs keep-alive is a TCP keepalive, which will not count as a traffic on connection through Linksys.
Generating commands on FTP controll connection while transfer proceeds is illegal but may work (it is not official, call it a hack)

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