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The TFTP error "NotFound" was received reading the configuration

jfeemster used Ask the Experts™
I'm having trouble with communication between IP Office and Voicemail Pro Client 6.0 (44).  I'm able to ping IP Office and connect to IP Office through VM Pro, but none of the users data is populating and voicemail isn't working.  A phone tech remoted in and ran Dbgview ong the VM Pro server and we found this error:

02/08 18:51:17.314 vmprov5s (09,4) 114c,1078: Requesting TFTP load of deltaconfig/vmail from 00E00705E60E (MASTER: - SLAVE: [INACTIVE]) [6.0 (8)]02/08 18:51:17.315 vmprov5s (09,2) 114c,1078: The TFTP Error "NotFound" was received whilst reading the configuration. Check Voicemail Pro configuration (e.g. password)

There is no AV on the voicemail computer and the firewall is disabled.  

Thanks for the help
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In the IP Office manager, ensure the voicemail server is set to voicemail pro, and that you have specified the ip address of the voicemail pro server(System, Voicemail). Once that is done, please reboot the voicemail server and the IP Office.  BTW, the VMPro client should connect to the voicemail server, not the IP Office.


Thanks for the reply.  All that is already done.  After doing some more research, I'm thinking there may be a voicemail password and it doesn't match what is on IP Office.  The phone tech that installed everything is awol and we don't have any of the security information.  I'm going to reset the security settings on IP office and see if that fixes it.
the password setting will definitely cause the issue. Are you able to open the management console? The reason I ask is if you ATX (reset the system) you will lose all of the configuration information. Have a look in the IP Office installation directory on the machine. Under the management folder you may be able to find .cfg files. Those are going to be required to get you running again. If you find a file there, send it to me in an email at my corporate address listed in my profile and I will see what can be done with it.


Can I not reset just the security settings through DTE port?


There are two .cfg files.  One is the mac address of system.cfg and bin.cfg.  Will those help?
I forgot all about the securityresetall. That will work. If you would like to send the cfg files over I will make sure they make a good backup for you incase things go wrong.


Cool I will send those over. Any other way of snagging the password?


Once I reset the security settings, voicemail pro populated IP office user list and voicemail is working again.