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password  MS Excel  2007

intelogent used Ask the Experts™
Hi ,

i am using XL 2007.  i want to make it so that it only open if you know the password....
i am not looking to protect the content... i do not want it to open...
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When you do a save as select tools and general options. You can set the document password here.
Look on toolbar on tor in home tab
Of course an excel password is easily removable...


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Prior to Excel 2007, the "protection" offered by setting a password to open/modify a workbook was, well, lacking.

With Excel 2007, however, Excel starting offering the ability to encrypt files with the very strong AES-128 encryption standard.  As long as you are using a strong password, that will not be cracked.

Of course, the passwords used for protecting sheets, the workbook structure, and/or VBA projects are still laughably easy to crack.


it took a while to see, but i never noticed the tools in the save dialogue box.... thantks