Exchange 2010 GAL Not Updating Outlook Clients

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when adding a new user to exchange 2010 they do not show up in outlook even after I wait for 24 hours. I have also went into Send and Recive then downloaded the GAL with no errors and the user is still not listed. If I go into Outlook Web Access the user is listed ok. Back in outlook if I remove the profile and create a new one then after outlook 2010 imports all data from exchange again the user will be there. Any help would be great.

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Check if outlook in cache mode.
remove it and check.

Rebuild the Offline Address Book.
EMC -> Organization Configuration -> Mailbox -> Offline Address Book - >RIght Click on your offline address book, click update

Then restart the Microsoft Address Book Service on your CA server.

 get-Offlineaddressbook | update-Offlineaddressbook
Wait 15 minutes

Restart the Microsoft Exchange File Distribution service on your CAS server

Wait 5 minutes

Try and manually download the OAB in Outlook and see if the new user shows.
I have tried all of that with no success, I finely  called Microsoft and found.
Using ASDI Edit connect to Default naming context, Drill down to the USERS folder then right click on a mailbox user and choose properties. find (showInAddressBook) and found that the data for deafult address list was courpted.


# Users from E2K3 – ShowinAddressbook attribute is not updated

# Ran this command to apply the mandatory properties Get-mailbox | set-mailbox -ApplyMandatoryProperties


From Microsoft

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