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New Win 2003 file server, copying data to and from is very slow.

jasonowen81 used Ask the Experts™
I have just added a rebuilt server back to my Domain (mixture of 2k3 and 2k8 servers)

The server in question was a rebuild of an old server, which was rebuilt with the same old server name as before.

The server is of an adequate spec with a 1GB connection to the network running Windows server 2003 SP2

Since the rebuild i am having serious speed issue copying any data back to this server 8.5 MB of data(folders and files) has taken 45 secs to copy to this server.

I’ve been looking for answers all day on various sites but am yet to find a solution.

This is what I have tried so far.

Anti-Virus removed.
NIC drivers updated.
Configuration changes to NIC
Various MS hotfixes referring to similar issues.

Maybe I’ve missed something simple here, but am getting a little frustrated with it now.

Any help would be kindly received.
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Top Expert 2012
Could be network card or cabling
JAN PAKULAICT Infranstructure Manager

hdd or raid drivers updated?

Any errors on the LAN switch(es)?
Turns out it was the network card at fault.

Bit of a strange one still as the network card has been working quite happily for some time.  It's only since the rebuild of the server that this problem has occured.

Firmware and drivers we're updated but stil the same issue.

As soon as i switched out the network card the issue was resolved.


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Issue resolved by myself.


Issue resolved
Top Expert 2012

Actually I think I stated network card was issue


Apologies dariusg, am new to Expert Exchange so wasn't to sure what i was doing when closing the call.

Thanks for your help.