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Question regrarding page breaks, Best Practice

I am working on redeveloping/tweaking or web site content management system.

The way that our system works is that you add "content sections" to a page, which consist of a picture, a title, and a paragraph body. These all execute from the same code, which repeats for each time there is a record row in the database.

I have built into the system, the ability to put in spacer sections, which consist of transparent gifts of various selectable sizes.

If you go to www.graceforcleveland.org,  you can see that on the index page, the two content sections, flow/wrap around each other on the page. I want this to be an option,  but I also want the user to be able to force a page break between the sections. What is the best way to do that?

I want to be able to place a code snippet that will prevent a smaller picture/and or text body to not wrap around or under a larger picture that may potentially proceed it. Through (if desired) this can be an interesting option - the user may want clear declinations between content sections.

what is the best way to do this? I know that <Br><br> will only create hard returns and line spaces, and if the preceding graphic is really big, then much many more <br>'s will be required, but then if the initial/preceeding graphic is made smaller, then there is a huge space where the <br>'s are. this is not good design. I need a code snipped the prevent sections from flowing into/wrapping around others.


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