How do I get the value of a DataField in a GridView?

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So here's what I want to do, and pardon if I'm not using the right terminology.

I have a gridview on my page. The data record is extraordinarly long (about 30+ columns) in the database, so instead of using the built-in "edit" function in the GridView, what I want to do is have the "Edit" field take the user to another page where I have created a Data View setup. This is more user-friendly because the user will only have to scroll vertically instead of horizontally.

The approach I want to take is to pass the ID of the record the user selects to edit from the GridView, put it into a Session Variable, then retrieve it from the Edit page to pull up the appropriate record.  What I don't know is how to find the selected "ID" in the GridView.

First, am I taking the right approach here or did I make it too hard? Is there something built-in to gridview that would be easier than passing variables into a session then retrieving them?

Second, if the variable passing is the most logical approach, how do I access it?
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I couldn't get either of the examples to work well as far as putting the ID into a Session variable, but there was a comment on one of the articles that helped a bit, putting the ID straight into the URL of the link button. That's not an ideal solution for me, but it is functional for now. Thanks for the link suggestions.

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