Exchange mailboxes not deleting?

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I've deleted a bunch of user accounts in AD (and selected to mark mailboxes for deletion), but the mailboxes still remain (even after a few days).  in ESM if I right click the mailbox, the Purge item is greyed out.

Any idea how I can get rid of these mailboxes and when they might delete themselves automatically?

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In the future delete the account through exchange managment console rather than through AD.

Use this remove-mailbox command in PowerShell
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But the option for "mark selected mailbox for deletion" was ticked - so surely it should delete it??
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I believe the default mailbox retention period is 30 days but you can run a shell script to purge it right away if you want. I used this script to remove a mailbox when it was in a disconnected state.

$Temp = Get-MailboxStatistics | Where {$_.DisplayName -eq ‘David Johns'}
Remove-Mailbox -Database 'Mailbox Database' -StoreMailboxIdentity $Temp.MailboxGuid

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I would use the remove-mailbox -Identity command rather than the -database command.

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