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My user have his blackberry for a while now. Everything was working fine (send and receive, etc).

One day he was unable to send or reply email. We discover that the windows domain administrator right has been assigned to him. So we removed it. Resend Policies, Reboot servers and reload the user.

I don`t know what else to do. I am thinking of removing / delete the user from the BES or simply change Blackberry device.

Please help !
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Try re-activating his device on the BES server.


Is the reactivate will need the device wiped out ?
Nope, you will not need to wipe the device just simply re-activate the enterprise account.
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In the meantime ....
I have a lot of problems with BES and Blackberry ..... Is this usual? (ex. passing Blackberry device around won`t work)

? what do you mean by "Passing Blackberry device around won't work"?


What I mean by passing around is :

Example: Employee-A have a Blackberry device linked to the BES. The Employee-A leave the company. We deleted the Employee-A user from the BES and create Employee-B and assign the same device. I get the same kind of error. The only way to resolve this issue was to purchase a new Blackberry. I do not know if I am right but seams to be a issue at RIM side and  the devices PIN!


Reactivate didn`t work !
Is it for only one user ?
have you added the user under the account (besadmin)? who is having send and receive permissions.
you have to activate the user and then send the service books and policy.
Check the BES Plan also.

And for re-assigning the Device for the other user :

Delete the user:
1 - Delete user from BES and then add the user back in without Activation (if you want the User to have a BES Account). If the device is Activated for another user is will wipe clean.

2 - Connect the device to you local computer and select the option in BAS to manage connected devices. You can then remove user data from the current device.


When  reassign devices I simply activate under another user account and it clears all previous data. The user account remains on the BES with no PIN assigned.


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