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Aaron Thorn
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I am trying to delete backup files older than 14 days

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It is telling me that it did run but the files are in the folder older than 14 days  Pictures 1  Pictures 3
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We encountered the same issue on a MSSQL2005 installation, so we decided to do it by script which worked every time!


Do you have the script that you used ?
Try something like this:
Set NoCount On
Declare @bckDate DateTime, @DaysToKeep smallint, @DatabaseName varchar(100),@Path varchar(400)
Declare @SQLCmd varchar(8000), @idx smallint
Set @DaysToKeep=14
Set @Path='F:\Database_Backups\'
Set @DatabaseName='MyDatabaseToBackup'
if(@DatabaseName is null)Set @DatabaseName=(Select db_Name())
Set @idx=0
-- Delete backup which are @DaysToKeep Old and up to 30 days older
	Set @SQLCmd='master..xp_cmdshell ''del '+@Path+convert(varchar,DateAdd(dd,-(@DaysToKeep+@idx),convert(varchar(8),GetDate(),112)),112)+'_'+@DatabaseName+'.bak'',No_OUTPUT'
	Set @idx=@idx+1
Print 'Older Backups have been deleted, now taking a new backup!'
Set @SQLCmd='BACKUP DATABASE '+@DatabaseName+' TO DISK='''+@Path+convert(varchar(8),GetDate(),112)+'_'+@DatabaseName+'.bak'' WITH INIT'
Print 'Backup Completed Successfully!'
Else Print'Backup completed with error, please investigate.'

Open in new window

hey remove dot bak(.bak) and please be sure that your agent services are executing with the same name ,
just keep bak .
agent services just check for the extension ..bak , where it is as .bak bak

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