HP Proliant ML350 G5 shutdown by itself

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I have a HP Proliant ML350 G5, running a Windows 2008 Standart as a member server on a SBS 2008 network. The issue is that the server shuts down by itself on random basis. In the event log, there are no events logged, also in the application log.

HP system management home does not show any items. But in HP insight diagnostic I found the following error:

test_components\storage.dll ID

Malformed NVRAM detected.
Device: HP Smart Array Controller, Slot 0
Property name: World Wide ID



The diagnostic of the controller does not show any issues.

The server is not under warantly, so how can I diagnose the issue and solve it.
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Do you have this server hooked up to a UPS?
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Have you tried taking out the RAM on the Raid controller to see if that does it?

Have you used this server for a long time and it has been working fine and this just started or did you just get this server?
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Ditto on the UPS question because they require pure sinewave, they crash on the output of something cheap such as Back-UPS.

On the UPS that is why I asked I had that happen. Got the wrong UPS for the machine and had to eat it.


Yes I have a APC Smart UPS  attached to the server, but I cannot make the Powerchute working. Says no communication with the device.

P.S. I am working remotely, so getting out the ram and the controller is my last option.


I managed to establish connection between the powerchute software and the UPS, but only simple communication type. It does not show any issues on the UPS.

This issue is due to corrupted NVRAM.

To resolve the issue, please follow the steps below:

1. Clear NVRAM.
a. shutdown the server
b. Poweron the S6 switch on the system board. To locate the switch, see below doc (Page 77)
c. recycle the server
d. poweroff the S6 switch and boot the server up.

If the issue persists, please update BIOS using firmware CD and let us know.

Hope this will help.

Good Luck.
Syed Arif
Not all Smart UPS are pure sinewave what model is it? But it seems like the issue may be the that RAM.
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Not that NVRAM Syed; the message refers to the RAID controller RAM.


Just managed to get some support from HP. I installed new bios update, installed the firmware dvd from hp. Now will monitor it for a week.

Did that solve your problem because I have the same issue?

We just found the problem. After shutting down by itself, it came up with a new issue - you cannot power it on. We replaced the power supply, and the issue was solved.


I found the solution by myself, and posted it in this post.
Lester NewmanService Desk Engineer

I have just had the same problem error code, same model server and OS and the same resolution, replaced power supply. Thanks for being there! There was no indication anywhere in logs or diagnostics that the powersupply was at fault. Although that the server was black screen restarting was a major clue - i at least didnt have to wait till it would no longer power on!

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