purpose of period in front of CSS attribute

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Hello Experts,

I have seen the following within html:

<ul style=".margin-left: -10px;">

I understand the purpose of a period in front of class names.
However, what is the significance of the above (ie the difference between the above and style="margin-left: -10px;"

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There should NEVER be a period in front of the CSS properties like that.  Having a period in front of a class name is perfectly acceptable, however that code won't(shouldn't) even work.

Try this code here:
LZ1 makes a good point, it looks like a mistake, honestly. should be:

<ul style="margin-left: -10px;">

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<ul class=".margin-left">

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where the class is defined in your style sheet.
(which i wouldn't advise giving a class the same name as a rule)

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