Windows Network - Access Forbidden! while browsing to web site

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Hi Experts,

I have a small windows network with about 30 PC's total. While browsing to we are getting the following error:

Access forbidden!
You don't have permission to access the requested object. It is either read-protected or not readable by the server.

Their is no type of web filter inside the network, however when I access the web site from home, I can get on with no issues.

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I get to it from here, so the website appears to be fine. Check your network firewall rules (different than web filtering) and also see if you can get to it by IP address. is at

... Thinkpads_User
I get the same.
if you google their url and the words "access forbidden"
you get quite a few hits from indexing sites that got the same message.
This is a bug on their site.  It istrying to access a file or directory that it cannot get to.
if you can access it from your home then you are either very lucky and have landed on their only working web server
or whatever it is trying to get to when I access it, it does not need to get to for your pc or IP.
Maybe if you are in the same ISP or IP range it does not look you up.
If you are outside it looks for a set of addresses or names and this is what it cannot get to.

Best bet would be to pass on this info to their staff and let them fix it.

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