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iTunes music downloads

Sean Meyer
Sean Meyer used Ask the Experts™
Computer is a windows xp sp3 with iTunes 10.3

I have an account which had about 50 downloads sitting in the download folder for items I purchased from iTunes.  Everyone except 3 of the items had exclamation points next to the item.    I had tried to check the store for available downloads and it said that all available downloads had been downloaded.  I then cleared out my download list to see if iTunes would then see it needed to download items.  Now all I have listed are my three items and it still says I don't have any available downloads.

How can I check my download history and re-download the items I have purchased?
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Open iTunes and log in to your iTunes account

Go to the home page of the iTunes store (the one with the little monopoly house icon, and the flashy advertising)

On the left side, under "Quick Links," is an option called "Purchased."

From there you should be able to navigate your way around and re-download purchased iTunes assets
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Also, if you contact Apple Support online, and request an Incident with them (email/call back etc..), they usually offer a 1 time "Regrant" of all purchased content, which can then be redownloaded from ITunes....

And there is an option in Edit>Preferences>Store, "Always check for available downloads"... Is that also checked? I have often seen that trigger downloads, when a manual check did not....
You can ignore the "regrant" stuff.  You can re-download whatever you've purchased from the iTunes store as many times as you want, using the procedure mentioned by souseran.  The days are gone when you only get one chance to download it.
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Ill remember that when Apple Support Staff tells me that I have to repurchase the apps again.... (like I did last week when transferring apps from an IPad1 to an IPad2)....

And if you have a problem with another posting, keep it to yourself......
You don't have to repurchase apps again, ever, so long as you log into the iTunes store using the same account you used when you purchased them the first time.

And if I disagree with a posting, I"ll feel completely free to express myself, thanks.
Sean MeyerIT Director


I thought I was on version 10.3 and it was actually 10.0 and that is why I could not find the item for which I was looking.
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Glad you got the answer...