What USB device/cable do I need to display/send the video/audio from my computer onto my ancient tv?

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I have a PC and I want to use a USB jack on my PC to send the video and audio to my old TV that has composite video input and RCA audio input.

What device can I use to do this?

I have found numerous ones that go in the opposite direction, but need one that goes FROM the PC TO the TV.
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You can get something called a scan converter.  This is a hardware device to convert VGA to composite or split signal (like R G B leads)
They are expensive.

I have never seen a USB device that converts to composite.  Have a look at the 'Dazzle' range.  Its more for going the other way and digitizing your videos etc but they might have something like an output port on one of their devices.

A better way still would be to get a Video card with a composite output.  These are very cheap.  You should be able to pick one up for $10.
This is assuming it is a desktop pc you are using.  if it is a laptop, try looking for a docking station for it.  Sometimes these have extra video outputs.


Unfortunately, this is not at my location and I need to send it to someone where all they have to do is plug it in and it be EASY.

I have a device like this which is output to HDMI, but I need to go out to composite video

If you can get the output to HDMI, have you considered putting a couple of adapters in serial and using the one you have to get to HDMI and then using another one to go from HDMI to composite? There are plenty of adapters that will do that. Here's one:

They make wireless devices that broadcast the PC signal via a USB antenna. The wireless receiver is connected to the TV at the TV.

Does your TV have a USB port?
No !!  you have>composite video input and RCA audio input.
Ok you need to buy a USB TV stick then run the video/audio rca cables from Tv card on the PC>taht is 1 video 2 audio rca  to in on the TV
then setup clone mode in teh display properties and play the DVD or video in your  desktop using VLC or WMP and it will appear on the secondary screen TV or Monitor.
Set the secondary screen to full screen
If youwant to send TV from the PC to the TV then you need an antennai on the PC and you use it's PVR
Videos on How to Activate the S-Video Output on a computer
all the guides you need if you knwo the what you are looking for
alternatively a second monitor works really well as well

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