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Emergency generator network alerting system

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My office has a standby generator which automatically kicks in to power our datacenter in the event of a power outage.  It does not currently have the ability to send any type of alert when events occur (i.e. power failure, power restored, generator start, generator stop, low fuel, etc).  The company that installed the generator was clueless when I asked them about this.

I found the FleetZOOM website which looks like it does what I want, however it appears that the alerts are sent to them and then they send them to me.  I don't want to have to continually pay a subscription for "monitoring".

Ideally, I would like something that I can configure to send e-mail alerts, or something where I can configure it to run a script to send an SMS message.  Basically, something exactly like PowerChute.  Unfortunately, it only takes the genset about 10 seconds to kick on in the event of a power failure, and this isn't long enough for PowerChute to consider utility power to be lost, so PowerChute doesn't send alerts.  Similarly, when the system switches back to utility power, there is almost no interruption in power, so even if I know the power went out, I have no way to tell when it comes back on short of driving in to work to physically check.

I'm certain that there must be some type of monitoring system that I can either connect to the transfer switch or to the generator directly that can monitor the system and send me alerts, but I'm having trouble finding it.
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APC UPS units can take external input.   The input for the APC network cards works like an alarm system door sensor.  Open circuit v. closed circuit, and you tell it if the circuit is normally open or closed.

Can you find a relay that opens/closes with genset power on?  Then a similar relay hooked up to the utility power?  Then, you can see if the genset kicks on even when the utility power is still on (like during testing & maintenance).
We ended up going with a system called power pulse 24.  It is a satellite based monitoring system.  I would rather have gone with a system that we can monitor directly so we are not reliant on a 3rd party to monitor and send us alerts, but this was the only thing that I could find that was compatible.