Tracking online activity of users?

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   I have a request to suggest a solution for tracking online activity of internet users on a company network.

   I would need something easy to implement, either central or installed per client, with nice rendering of collected data so it could be easily presented.

Thank you!
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A couple of potential edge/proxy solutions, depending on your budget. All provide reporting and granular control, if you run Microsoft ISA/TMG then some are available as addons.

BlueCoat (pretty solid, I like them but not the easiest)
Websense (fairly widely used)
Bloxx (cheaper, but maybe not as fully featured)
McAfee (everyone has heard of)



    these are big solutions, I have some 30 clients.
    Do you know of any client based solutions that work well? I have found WebExaminer software package that offers tremendous features.
I've not really used any client solutions just for reporting, only ones that do filtering like Dans Guardian and K9 I'm afraid.
SpectorSoft has good reporting and alerting.  Does more than just web...does application, file, and print activity.

SpectorCNE is the entry for small business networks:

Spector360 is for small to medium networks:

I've used both, and was impressed by the level of detail you can choose to capture or filter.  You can use time schedules or record 24/7.

You can also take screen shots to give context to the data that are being captured.  This was helpful to track down the source of a virus infection on one occasion.
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Activity monitor @

Activity Monitor licensing is based on the number of computers where you install Monitor or Agent. It includes all computers that you are going to monitor and computers from which monitoring is done. Every manager’s or administrator’s PC used for monitoring requires a license. If you install Monitor on a server for collecting logs, it requires a license too. You will not be able to use it on more computers than the license size you purchase. Activity Monitor is available in several packages of fixed license size: 3, 6, 12, 25, 50, etc. (View available licenses).

Example #1: 2 managers want to monitor employees on 10 computers in the office. You need 12 computers license.
Example #2: 1 manager wants to monitor 14 computers in the office. You need 15 computers license (buy 12 computers base license + 3 Extra licenses).
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Also for webexaminer, its capability also has enforcement restricting certain application to launch but lacking the security mgmt (if going for std package instead of Pro) which may be potential worry if rights are abused for those granted access (verbally not technology). The Activity monitor has all and in turn of pricing (quoting 50x PC), activity monitor would be cheaper (if I calculated correctly) based on below link

Another useful info where actually cached browser history and temp internet folder will already give leads to derive more intelligence but it is just not presented as good as the commercial pieces, there are more manually correlation as well -
This is a great tool and cheap


Thanks a lot guys! :-)

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