How do I Recover all archived messages from console in  Simpana 8

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A userleaves. I want to recover all the messages that have been converted to stubs by the archiver.
How do I do this?

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The following section describes how to recover data from the CommCell Console.
From the CommCell browser, right-click the Migration Archiver Agent or archive set that contains the data that you want to browse and recover, click All Tasks, and then click the desired Browse option from the short-cut menu.
From the Browse Options dialog box, select Browse the Latest Data. Click OK to continue.
From the Browse Archived Data window, select the files, directories and/or objects that you want to recover and then click Recover All Selected.
From the Recover Options dialog box, select the recovery options that you want to use.

Click OK to run the recovery job.

However that doesn't work
The job runs and gets to 100% but in the mailbox Stubs remain stubs.

The suggestion is to bring them back one at a time from outlook but thats not any use either.

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From memory, the default restore action is to append, rather than overwrite stubs. Maybe try initiating the restore again and ensure the overwrite if message is a stub option is selected.
Back in front of a Computer now, so I thought I'd elaborate a little more. In have done a number of "all archived item" recoveries, and below are the steps I follow which will replace the Stubs.

From the CommCell Console, initiate a Browse of the appropriate Archive Agent, select the appropriate mailbox, and then press the "Recover All Selected..." button

At the Restore Options dialog, within the "When message exists" group, select the "Unconditional Overwrite" option, as well as the "Unconditionally overwrite only if the target is a DataArchiver stub" option, and then press the "Advanced" button

At the Advanced Recover Options dialog, enable the "Recover all protected items" option from the General tab, a Warning dialog will be displayed with regards to retrieving a large number of objects, press the Yes button, then press the OK button.

Back at the Recover Options dialog, press OK to initiate the Restore.

How have you gone with this?


Apologies for the delay.
Yes this was the problem.
I had forgotten to select advanced option but that got it sorted thanks for your help

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