can restarting a server many times a day be bad for it?

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I have a Win server 2003 R2 machine that runs some tasks for my company.  It is a pretty antiquated task system that often brings errors.  Once the error occurs I have to manually restart the machine before the task will start running again (it is not a windows task in case you are wondering).

The obvious best choice is to fix what is causing the error so it does not happening.  but my programmers have a big backlog and can;t get to it right now.

Since rebooting the server always fixes the issue, I have set a windows task to reboot the server every few hours.  that way, even if I fail to manually check on the server, if it has an error, it will just fix itself by rebooting.

However, this will cause the server to reboot 5-6 times per day.  Can anyone think of why this may be inherently bad for the hardware to reboot that many times per day?
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It's a not an often pratice, and maybe a long term use may defect something in hardware
Why won't you create a virtual machine and try to solve it just to wonder if it's already an hardware problem or something else?
In theory a server should boot up perfectly every time.  However, life tells us that this is never so!

I get more worried about servers that hardly ever get rebooted, rebooting.  (if it ain't broke, don't fix it)

If it is rebooting fine then it will probably continue to do so.  At the end of the day, a server is just a big PC, it's probably multi processor, has a RAID controller and maybe an extra PSU, but it's still a big PC.  Do you worry about booting up your PC every day?

Also, if you are issuing a reboot command (scripted), then it will be warm booting which will not be as risky as cold booting.

As you say, it's not ideal but until you can fix the real problem, I wouldn't lose sleep over your reboot plan.


good idea on the VM.  That would keep any hardware problems out of the equation if it had to reboot all the time.  I am building a server now so might be able to set up that image.



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