Windows 7 vs XVNC, Domain Admin rights and messaging

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Hi All
This is probably a re-hash of an old problem, but now with Windows 7.
We have a few Win 7 boxes, with the rest as XP SP3. Our AD is at 2003 funct level on 2003 servers..
We use XVNC for remote access, which works a treat if you are Domain Admin - installs and runs without user interaction.
However, with Win 7, there is something blocking the Domain Admin from getting access to a PC as-in XP. The logs complain about XVNC being an interactive service, but the suggested fixes don't work.

Can anyone elighten us as to the right fix ?  Is the Win 7 sharing and security centre too locked down ? Can we allow Domain Admin full access to a Win 7 PC ?  XP is open to Domain Admin  as default, but not Win 7 . . .

This also applies to messaging - Net Send and Win Sent for e.g. - neither can interact with the sessions and security on a Win 7 box, even if you are Domain Admin.

How do we put this in place, as well as rolling it out on GPO for future Win 7 PC's ?

Many thanks for any advice.
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I suppose xvnc need access to the admin$ share. The administrative shares c$, d$,... and admin$ are inactive on win7 by default. Read for a solution.

As for the net send problem: vista and 7 don't know net send anymore. You have to use msg.exe, but even that is crippled by default. But you can make it work like this:
1) distribute the following regkey to your workstations:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server]
2)logon with an account that has admin rights on the remote machine
3) from a command prompt: msg /server:TargetComputername * YourmessageHere

To send messages to the whole domain, you will have to script a little more, see my script solution at


Thanks for the advice. Will look into this as soon as time allows !

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