Mac iPhoto export photo into email with Oultook 2011 - issues.

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I recently migrated a Mac client to Outlook 2011 so they could use hosted exchange.
Problem is they are not fans of change and previously as they work heavily with photos from their iphoto '09 application they could press an email button and be prompted with options to resize and send an email from Entourage.

This seems no longer an option as does not give Outlook 2011 as an option in email programs to export to.

My research so far has shown that there is an upgrade of iphoto available that may help resolve this. However other research has also shown even when you do this, it is not ideal. E.g.:

My questions:

1) The user is not a fan of change. Is upgrading to the new iphoto going to cause any issues? Is the interface very different?
2) Will the upgrade enable output directly to Outlook 2011 as it used to?
3) Have things stabilised now or am I going to have to follow the guide at to actually make it work. I'm just hoping it would be very easy and never expected these issues when I recommend Outlook upgrade.
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The newer version of iPhoto does have some differences from the prior version, but I don't know how it will affect the photo export feature you're describing.  I just tried it, first from my Mac Mail account.  I tried configuring the e-mail settings for my company's Exchange server but I'm not certain I have them correct, because sending from that account failed.  But it looks to me like it should work as long as you can get the correct settings for the Exchange server.
I would suggest upgrading to the latest iPhoto. I'm pretty sure that it will let you resize the image before it gets to Outlook.

Is there something Outlook can do that can't do? Hosted exchange server doesn't sound like a reason to switch away from mail.


Well they were using entourage before.  Outlook is meant to be very good and the sycnrhonsed calanedars, contacts, etc. is all part of it.



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