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I need to push out a specific domain user account to numerous workstations. Is there any way to do this with a GPO? I have a Windows 2008 domain with Windoiws Vista & Windows 7 clients. Thanks
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Description of Group Policy Restricted Groups

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While using restricted groups will definitely work for this. I think the new abilities offered by group policy preferences are alot easier and more intuitive to use.

See the following link under the section heading "Setting local Administrator Passwords /Administering local users and groups"
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I personally would not recommend using restricted groups to do this- restricted groups is a very powerful tool and

simple mistakes can mean big headaches. You don't need to get any more complex than necessary.
Instead, there is a much easier way to accomplish what you want:
Set a startup script in group policy with the following line:
NET localgroup Administrators /add "domain_name\domain_group
That's it....the next time the computers are started, the group will be added to the local admin group.

Instead of group you can mention userid as below
NET localgroup Administrators /add "domain_name\domain_Userid

Hoever if you want to configure restricted group refer this

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