Outlook 2010 Clients asking for Login & Password on Athenticated Users

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I have a new Windows 2008 SBS server installation that during testing was working perfectly. We have a mix of user in Windows XP and Windows 7. There are some users that access Exchange Mailbox using Outlook 2003 and other that access it using Outlook 2010.

During configuration testing and prep everything was working perfectly. We went live and the very next day, users that were accessing the system using the Outlook 2010 client started getting prompted for the password each and everytime they went into Outlook. As long as they remained in the program, it seemed to be ok.

We are running SP1 on Exchange 2007. I have installed a certificate from Godaddy.com for the following:


I post this message originally with the Certificate warning issue that would also pop up. But after installing the certificate the warning went away, but users still were being prompted for the login and password. We then rebooted the server on Friday around 11am and the login problem went away. This morning at around 12:30 pm, a user who had Outlook open, but not using it, started getting the security warning and was prompted for a login and password.  The certificate warning has not resurfaced.

This Problem DOES NOT occur with our Outlook 2003 clients. They are not required to re-enter their password nor are they presented with a certificate warning.


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Don't waste any more time and install SP3 for Exchange 2007 as that fixes loads if password prompt issues:
i agree with Meganuk3, but u may want to check if IIS settings are right using
http://blogs.technet.com/b/exchange/archive/2008/02/01/3404755.aspx before doing that
I can confirm Exchange SP3 will resolve this issue.  Also install Rollup 4 Directly after.  


Every instance of this particular problem I have always found a pre SP2 Exchange 2007.  The fix came in one of the SP2 rollup updates.


Is Exchange SP3 cummulative or do I have to install the previous SPs?

Yes it is cumulative so you don not have to install the previous ones. Just go straight to SP3.


OK, installed SP3 and all went fine. Problem has gone away (so far). Thanks for your help.

Thanks for the update and the points.

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