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Reminders for all day meetings set to none but still receiving them on Blackberry in the middle of the night

A calendar delegate has entered some “all day events” into a VP’s calendar (different people’s PTO, etc.) and he says he’s receiving reminders of these to his Blackberry; the reminders go off in the middle of the night and early morning, etc., so we need to be sure they are turned off.  However, when the delegate opens the event, the reminder status reads “None,” and they say “None” on the VP's computer and Blackberry, too. VP is using Outlook 2010, delegate is using Outlook 2007 and both are on Exchange 2003.
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Reminders are set on the local profile.
If a delegate turns it off, via their profile, they are only turning off their own reminders.
Everyone who was Scheduled in the appointment and has it in their calendar will need to turn it off themselves via their own outlook profile
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So if a delegate puts an all day meeting on the VP's calendar and set's the reminder to none, the VP will have to go into the meeting and change it to none as well?  This doesn't make sense.  If you are talking about "Customize the appearance of the Calendar." part of the profile that is set to 15 minutes,  It doesn't explain why the VP is getting notifications in the middle of the night over the weekend for an all day appointment on Monday.
Of course it makes sense
Just imagine if you could put a meeting in someone else's Calendar, and turn off their reminder as well.
Just imagine if that person didnt realize the meeting was placed in their calendar, didnt get a reminder, and missed the meeting.
Just imagine if the meeting was important enough that if they missed it, they lost their job.....

Wouldnt be fair would it?

SO for this reason, Reminders are set per users profile.
You find this option in their calendar options, set default reminder.
Of course you could turn this off, but that could cause problems

The reason he might be getting the reminder at odd hours of the day would depend on what time his mobile device or blackberry was synching with exchange, and what download settings the device was set to.

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This issue was due to the user's blackberry being out of sync with Outlook.  We removed the desktop CMIME file from his device and resent the service books and that fixed it.