How do I chart a distribution curve for 300 samples in four groups in Excel?

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I am doing data analysis using Excel. The data are fluorescent intensity of each sample. I have 300 samples, divided into 4 group. I’d like to compare how different among these group. I am thinking of drawing a distribution curve for each group with x-axis of fluorescent intensity and y-axis as number of samples, but I don’t know how to do it in Excel. Do you know how to do it, or is there another way to show the data?

More info: I have a chart showing four groups, Positive, Negative, False positive, and Indeterminate. Right now the x-axis is the column A on the table. I don’t really care the column A, because I want to show a chart with the distribution of fluorescent intensity over the frequency (the number of samples from all runs together).

I have attached the file.  Another way of explaining what I am trying to do is to imagine a distribution curve chart with the heights of men and women, with the Y axis being the number of people at each height, and the X axis being the heights.

Can someone please help?  Thank you!
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Not sure if this was what you wanted, but here goes.

On your Data worksheet I made a matrix to get counts by bucket for your data series.  For example, if starting in M2 I have the lower bound for each bucket and in N2 the upper bound (assuming lower <= X < upper), then in O2 I concatenate them into a label, and then in P2:S2 I use SUMPRODUCT to get a count:


I then made a column chart based on that matrix, on the Chart1 sheet of the attached file below.


Beautiful!  Thank you so much!

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