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we would like to replace the word TYPE with '' in a column called HOLD
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relace all hold with STRTRAN(hold,'TYPE',[''])

or case insensitive would be

relace all hold with STRTRAN(hold,'TYPE',[''],1,99,1)
I would guess RVL needs to replace this word by empty string not by apostrophs, so:

REPLACE hold WITH STRTRAN(hold,'TYPE','') FOR "TYPE" $ hold

Such replacement will replace ALL occurences, so words having TYPE substring inside will be damaged...

Better version could be:

REPLACE hold WITH LTRIM(STRTRAN(" " + hold + " "," TYPE "," ")) FOR " TYPE " $ " " + hold + " "
or case insensitive variant:
REPLACE hold WITH LTRIM(STRTRAN(" " + hold + " "," TYPE "," ", 1, -1, 1)) FOR " TYPE " $ " " + UPPER(hold) + " "

But the TYPE word can be followed by comma, point, or other separators now and not all occurences will be replaced...

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