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We have an office of about 15 people all running on a Small Business Server 2011 box.  The users all access files in a master directory that deal with all of their Case files.  There are hundreds of thousands of files.  

What we are having issues with are people copying very large directories into other directories accidentally.  The users do need to have permission to everything but we are having duplicate files misplaced etc...

Is there a way to tell when a user does this?  Is there a monitoring program that would show "Suzie copied/made 16 gigabytes of files today".  

I understand using Quotas may help here but we need to know exactly what they made/copied so we can correct this immediately.  Just a notification about a user exceeding storage space on the server is not enough.

Anyone have any suggestions?
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You could enable Auditing on the file system.  Then the Security log would record these things.


I have looked into turning on the auditing but from my understanding it only shows when some one successfully accesses a file/folder or fails to access a file or folder.

I want to be able to tell what they have done on the system.

For instance, be able to look at a list of users and see how much they have added to the server and where it was added for a specific day.


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