"forward:" causing error on Weblogic with Spring framework code

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Does any know why this does not appear to work in weblogic. The code is shown below:

But basically, instead of staying in its own controller, the "forward:" kicks the application back to the main controller or home page.

I have tried this in the tomcat server that comes with Spring Source and the forwarding does not present an issue.

Does any one know how to resolve this in web logic.

//This is the called to forward:

	public String processDelete(Model model, @RequestParam(value="tumbleValue", required=true) String tumbleValue) throws Exception {
		alarmConfigService.deleteTumblingAlarmException(tumbleValue, tumbleType);
		return "forward:";

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//This is the begin() method:

	public String begin(Model model, @RequestParam(value="alarmTypeCfgId", required=false) Long alarmTypeCfgIdObj) throws Exception {
		logger.info("begin("+alarmTypeCfgId+") -- "+this.getControllerUrl());

		if(alarmTypeCfgIdObj!=null) {
			alarmTypeCfgId = alarmTypeCfgIdObj.longValue();
		alarmTypeConfig = alarmConfigService.getTumblingAlarmType(tumbleType, alarmTypeCfgId);
		results = alarmConfigService.getTumblingAlarmExceptionList(tumbleType);
		return TO_INDEX;

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As per i know u need to defined like this

return "forward:/path_to_my_another_controller";


thanks.  I just ended up calling the beging method again.  But this I will  definitely give a try.  Thanks for your input.

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