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Hi if i learned CCNA Voice will i know Avaya phone system.

Thank you
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Well... If you're going to be supporting Avaya, your best bet would be to get an Avaya Cert like ACIS.
While there are similarities between the 2 that would probably let you muddle through, CCNA Voice is designed specifically for Cisco products (CME, CUCM, CUC etc...) and Avaya has different product,
 Again, while it helps with general VOIP understanding, it doesn't really help with Avaya.
VoIP is VoIP is VoIP (ad infinitum)

how you program a voice system varies enormously between manufacturers

More than 50% of a PBX has nothing to do with the type of phones or trunks, but how you program extensions, hunt groups, renumbering, route selection etc etc.

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