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I recently started facing lots of runtime errors in IE that I don't face in Firefox.

All these errors are - I guess - java script rumtime errors.

So how can I know the source of these erros? In the past, I used to see the runtime error description on the status bar at the bottom of the IE, that used to help a little.

1- Is there a tool or addon that helps more in knowing what is the source of this runtime error.
2- Why firefox doesn't show these errors and my website works fine with proper results? Is IE more sensitive?

Currently for example, I get "Object does not support this property or method" but I am not able to know what is the object!

Any help?
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If you're using IE9 just press F12, in the console tab you see the messages, en the scipt tab you can debug the scripts.
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With IE8+ comes with a plugin call Developer Tools. It can be invoked by Pressing F12(as mentioned by wboevink:) or from Tools menu.
After it shows up go to "Script" tab. If you don't see the error messages, refresh your page with the plugin open and you will be able to see. Then press on the message link and it will take you to that error message.
See the image below:

With FireFox you can download the FireBug plugin. Same as Developer Tools.

There are some options you can set regarding these script messages. E.g. in IE:
Tools->Internet Options-> Advance-> Under Browsing you will see options like:
-Disable Script Debugging
-Display a notification about every script error,
and other. Set it as per your need.

For FF you can also get another addon called Developer Toolbar.

great tool to trace things in IE:
@feesu you can always use IE Developer Tools to get better idea.
I would also suggest debugging the JavaScript by putting breakpoint at appropriate locations. You can enable debugging of JavaScript in IE by selecting "Internet Options" clicking on Tools Menu. Now from Internet Options dialog, select Advanced tab, Then uncheck "Disable Script Debugging (IE)" & "Disable Script Debugging (Other)" options under Browsing.

You can then debug the javascript code then by putting breakpoints.

More on FF, if your code works on FF and not on IE, that means you are using something browser specific. That can only be decided by looking into your code.

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