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Jegajothy vythilingam
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My OS is windows 7.  Is there a function to do a paste.
I would like to copy a cell using Control + C, and then hit a function key to do the pasting to another cel.  Is this possible, if yes how. thank u.
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Ctrl+V is already mapped to paste

Ctrl+C is still available.
And in Excel, you can go to the Home tab, Clipboard group (first box) and click on the clipboard picture to paste.
Were you looking for something else?
Kent DyerIT Security Analyst Senior

You do realize that you can record and playback this behavior for these methods in Excel?


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Alternatively you can select cell/ cells and drag them to destination cell.
You need to press hand hold the control key while dragging.

Simple Drag Equivalent to "Cut"
Control+ Drag Equivalent to "Copy"


in response to all the suggestions, as u age, u get lazier!  While all the above suggestions are doable, but I am thinking of a lazy man's approach, that is after copying using Control + C, when I am in another cell, just to hit a Function key, to paste (that was copied) to the new cell.
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If you hit Ctrl+C to copy a cell or range of cells, then simply hitting Enter will do the paste.  Hard to argue that that is any more strenuous than using a function key :)
So you want to assign a function key to do the job of:
1) Ctrl-V
2) Shift-Ins
3) Clicking on a picture to do the paste
4) right-clicking and selecting the Paste option
5) use the drag/copy of a cell to copy to an adjacent cell

You can create a macro for that.  However, do you want the F-key-paste function to be available to a specific workbook, or all workbooks?
And do you want this to apply outside of Excel?


in response to rspahitz, I think u got my idea.
I would like F-key paste function to be available to all workbooks.  When I hit a Control + C, it should be copied to the F key.   And when I move to any cell, and hit the F key, it should paste the contents.  When I do another new copy command, the new copy should replace the old one in the F key.  
BUT not to apply outside of Excel, as I use so many other softwares, it is not worth my effort to research each and every software whether there will be a conflict.
So it will only be limited to all workbooks in Excel 2007 - any F key which is not in use.
In response to matthewspatrick, your suggestion works, however, it will only do the job,  for one cell.  I would like this function  to repeat for multiple cells when I move to another cell.
thank u everyone.
I don't know of any straightforward way to assign a macro to an F-key, but it could be done in a backhanded way.  And for it to work on every workbook, you'd need to assign the macro to your personal workbook.

At this point, considering the amount of trouble it would take to get it to work, and how it would not be transportable, I suggest using one of the very simple key/mouse combinations listed above.  Otherwise, creating your own Shift+Ctrl-key combination would be pretty straightforward if you'd like that (such as Ctrl+Shift+P)


good effort. thank u.

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