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Ive been asked to setup a door sensor which will detect if a door is open. The problem is I cannot run a cable to the door, so it has to be wireless, and it needs to be cheap (If this works it will be rolled out to several doors and windows).

Does anyone know of a cheap wireless switch that can be switched closed or open (Detect if a door is open of closed), and relay that signal to a reciver which replicates the closed or open circuit which can be read.

Ideally I would love the reciver to be able to recive several transmitter switch signals.

Im not sure if this is the correct place to post this question, so apoligise in advance if it is the wrong place.

Thank you in advance
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Probably want to look at wireless security components.  There are a few 'universal' wireless receivers that have contact output to interface to any security panel.

Here's a good example of a 4 channel receiver,



You can either go directly with a wireless door contact or a universal door/window transmitter which would allow you to wire in any type of contact.

You could likely find contacts for around $30 and they normally come with batteries and the receiver under $60-$100 range depending on the number of channels.

Probably worth checking prices from a local security dealer.  The Linear stuff is good quality and some handy features - supervised wireless,  low battery alerts and decent range.

You may be able to get a similar product for less but I would recommend Linear stuff.

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