How to map software com port 4 to USB

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I have an older software application that expects to communicate with an external device on com port 4. However, the device has a USB connection. Is there a way, in software, to remap the windows 7 com port 4 to USB?

This device was sucessfully used, via USB, on another computer with Windows XP. However, I no longer have access to the older computer to understand how com port 4 was remapped to USB to allow the software to function.
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Hi fredjonzeTwo,

You can try this:

Virtual COM port (VCP) drivers cause the USB device to appear as an additional COM port available to the PC.  Application software can access the USB device in the same way as it would access a standard COM port.

(haven't tested it myself)
For any of the older reserved device names (LPTx, COMx, etc.); what you do is to share the device with a very short, no spaces, name and then use NET USE COM4: \\shortcomputername\device in a CMD or BAT file as either part of the program invocation or a login script.


I was able to find the Dynex serial/USB adapter driver.
Problems on the way included conflicts with the serial mouse ball driver (needed to disable) and registry permission problems trying to perform advanced settings on the Dynex driver (still working on this).

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