get formula  value for each group in the report -- HELP

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hi all,

i have a time calculation formula
the problem is that i get a grand total for all the report
i need this formula will run for each group separately
i have this formula  :
Truncate ({Msam.TotalHour})
 {Msam.TotalHour}- Truncate ({Msam.TotalHour})
CStr (Sum ({@@ 100%hrs}) + (Sum ({@@100%mins}) * 100 \ 60), "###") + ":" +
 CStr (Remainder (Sum ({@@100%mins}) * 100, 60), "00")

the @TotalTime are placed in the group Footer of the report but the value are for all the reports in all groups how can i fix that the @TotalTime will run each group  separately ??
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Try this in the group footer

CStr (Sum ({@@ 100%hrs},{YOURGROUPFIELD}) + (Sum ({@@100%mins}{YOURGROUPFIELD}) * 100 \ 60), "###") + ":" +
 CStr (Remainder (Sum ({@@100%mins}{YOURGROUPFIELD}) * 100, 60), "00")

Replace {YOURGROUPFIELD} with the field you ar egrouping on



thanks aloot ...

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