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Can Atari Proofreader Files be read by MS Word or Notepad

mgross333 used Ask the Experts™
This is for my customer; I fix PCs for a living.

Customer wants me to move docs on floppy discs created 20 years ago with Atari Proofreader on an Atari Writer Plus 800XL computer running DOS Onto a CD.

(1) Will the file system of the floppies be readable on Windows XP or later PC? Or on MAC wtih OS X if the Windows answer is NO.

 If and only if the answer to (1) is yes, then please reply to

(2) Are Atari Proofreader files readable by MS Word or Notepad?

If not is there ANY program running on modern PCs or MACs that will read docs created by Atari Proofreader 20 years ago.?


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I don't think there is an easy answer to that.

There used to be a program that you could run that would let you read Atari formatted disks in a pc floppy.
And there are emulator that will run on pc's (not sure what Win OSs are supported) to read the files.

If by some chance you had a running Atari, you could connect it to a pc with a null modem cable and a terminal program, and copy them over.

It's been awhile sine I had my Atari up and running, so I am a little foggy on the details at the moment, but will do what I can to help.

An Atari 8-bit is what hooked me onto computers    : ))
forgot... you will probably need to dig up a 5.25 inch floppy drive for the Atari disk. And after 20 years, if they are like mine, a lot of them have gone bad.



I assumed the Atari floppies were 3.5 " the standard for modern PCs; oitherwise forget it .

Also the Atari does NOT run so your null modem cable idea will not work.

Thanks for your reply.



coral47 and other EE Atari experts,

Will an old Apple 5.25 inch drive with what looks like a parallel connector (i.e like old printers use) work vs the built in 5.25 inch drive that was in the Atari and cannot be connected to a PC?

Also do you KNOW where the two programs you refer to can be got NOW 100% certain and the Windows OS supported, the whole complete ready to use solution ?

Otherwise I must no-bid this job UNLESS the customer wants to pay me 3 times the figure we discussed. It appears there are many more diffiulties doing this than I had expected.


Thank you much.   : )

Some links for you, your customer, or anybody else needing them:

>> ...an old Apple 5.25 inch drive

Basically, no. But there is probably a hack out there somewhere.

Tons of info here (including other usable drives) , but takes some digging:

>> ...KNOW where the two programs you refer to can be got NOW 100% certain...

I can go +90%.   ; )

The U. of Mich. has a very nice Archive of software

A couple of places to start looking for info:

Atari HQ

AtariAge Forums

and you can use Google to find a small but hardcore group of Atari people, and hardware for adding harddrives and cdroms to an Atari.
dbruntonQuid, Me Anxius Sum?  Illegitimi non carborundum.

Bit late to this question but there are eumulators and stuff that will let you read Atari disks.

See http://www.emulators.com/download.htm#ATARI8 and http://www.emulators.com/xformer.htm for example.

That would probably let you get the data onto a modern system but reading and converting it is another story.

hmmmm.... I wonder if I still have that 486 laptop buried around here...?

    : )