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I moved a Client from Exchange 2003 on their SBS 2003 Server to a Hosted Exchange Solution. I shut off and disabled the exchange services. They use 2 scanners that scan files and send to their email accounts. I am using the smtp service on what was the exchange server. I tested the scanning to my email account which worked fine. I then tried theirs and it did not work. Their accounts are hosted at the same place my account is, although we each use our own domain. I think the server is still trying to send it to their old exchange accounts. Their email addresses are the same as they were, but I updated their MX record to the new host. All other emails are going fine through their new hosted exchange. Their spam filters are not stopping it and it is not in their junk email folder.
Any Ideas??

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I would change the scanner to use a different smtp server, for instance if you install iis in windows 2003 or iis6 management in 2008 you can install the smtp service. In fact this is what exchange 2003 uses. You can even set the connection option to only allow your scanner to make an smtp connection and allow it to relay without authenticating.

The other consideration would be your name space, if it is contigous i.e smtp and ad domain name is the same it might be worth adding an mx record to your ad dns.

Enable smtp logging in iis and look at the smtp logs because it will tell you if the connection is being dropped. Don't rely on message tracking logs. If your hosted exchange is 2007 or 2010 enable verbose logging also and check the logs under transport role and if you have anti spam agents enabled use the get-agent log cmdlet to see if the connection is being dropped.

Just a few things to consider.
either make a local mx reocrd for the domain to point outside, or set the scanners to use the isps smtp server


How would I make a local mx record to point outside?
normally in dns.
add a new domain - being the same as your external domain
add an A www record to point to the IP for your web site
add an A record for to point to your internal smtp IP
and add an mx record to point to

however this may well be done and you now want to change mail to point to your external mx Ip
for more info search for "split dns"

Only bother with this is your active directory domain name is the same as your external/smtp domain name. The key will be in the logging.

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