Script or application to backup folders and files from a server to a FTP site.

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I have a virtual server being hosted on a remote facility. I want to backup files and folders to a another server a have here at my location though ftp.
does anybody know a script to backup files and folders to a ftp site? or a free application that backups to ftp sites.

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Allway Sync will work
What os are running on your server?  What you need is to create a command file for your FTP client that will send the needed files and folder to the FTP server.  YOu can then schedule the FTP job using your OS's scheduler.  I can get you more details once we know the server OS.
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AllwaySync is an excellent solution, but note that it is not freeware.  After a certain number of bytes are synced (monthly load, I believe) it prompts you to buy because of your heavy usage.  I still like it, but I thought that needed to be clarified.


Both server are running Server 2008 SBS
You can use the built-in FTP client to download/upload files and feed it a command files.  You can then schedule this file to run via scheduler.

You will need to create the command file which is just a list of FTP commands just as you would enter them in the client.  For example the following can be saved (Edited first for your needs) as FTPCommands.txt:
user <user name>
cd <directory1>
lcd <local directory 1>
mget *
cd <directory2>
lcd <local directory 2>
mget *

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To run this file issue to command from the same folder where you saved FTPCommands.txt:
ftp -n -i -s:FTPCommands.txt

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for a little more money (about $40) you can use scriptftp from which would be a good investment if you have a lot of subfolders.
Just another thought: on the server to be backed up, you should back up what you need using the windows server backup utility, then use FTP to only download that one backup file.  This would make the process much simpler since you don't have to worry about directories and files and all that.

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