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iphone4 bluetooth - Can I transfer images from my Laptop and can I sunc it to outlook using it?

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Ive just notice that there is a bluetooth option (turn on/off)
Whats bluetooth good for in an Iphone ?

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Bluetooth is good for a number of things.  Connecting to a hands-free device like a headset is the most common, but you can connect to a keyboard or a music player via Bluetooth technology as well.

You can sync to outlook and music and images.  You will need to download iTunes (Free download) to do so.  You will need to create an account to access the store and iPhone (Free registration)

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I sync my outlook with a cable via usb at the mo but its a pain finding a cable sometimes.
This will be an excellent alternative.



How much of an over head on battery charge does bluetooth have if swithed on all the time?
It does have some % hit Ive heard.

You will take a hit on any service that you run, such as WiFi or Bluetooth.  But, it isn't too much trouble to switch it on and off when needed.  If you know you are going to be using it a lot, leave it on.  When you are not, turn it off.  I don't know the precise numbers, but I'm sure they are out there and probably there are not a few battery apps that will tell you exactly how much you are using for Bluetooth.  

Nathan PSystems Architect

iTunes will not sync over WiFi or Bluetooth.

You wouldn't want to do the sending of music files over Bluetooth, it's far slower than your USB cable, even if you have to find it over and over again..

Sadly, this is not something on the road map for the iPhone at this time, unless it's coming in iOS 5 due Fall 2011 US time.

Sorry to disappoint, but that's how it is.



Can I sync contacts only?
What you're looking for is "over-the-air" (OTA) synchronization.

The easiest thing for you to do is to get a MobileMe account with Apple, and set up your iPhone and Outlook to both sync with MobileMe. That will keep your contacts, calendar and mail synchronized between your phone and your outlook. It will use your iPhone's data plan (or internet over wifi) to perform the sync.

The MobileMe software handles the PC side of things keeping your Outlook synchronized.

This essentially makes it unnecessary to plug your iPhone into your computer for any contact/calendar/mail synchronization.

Images and Music you still need to synchronize the old fashion way - plugging it into your computer and syncing using iTunes. There may be some apps out there to backup your images to your computer over WiFi, but nothing officially supported by Apple as far as I know.
Bluetooth on an iPhone is useful for:

- connecting to a handsfree device (e.g. bluetooth headset or in-car handsfree)
- streaming music to an audio device (e.g. an A2DP enabled bluetooth car stereo)
- transferring small files between two mobile phones, or in some cases between the phone and a computer, although I have find it clunky on other phones. I haven't personally tried it with an iPhone yet.
- bluetooth internet tethering with a supported device

Bluetooth is NOT meant for high bandwidth traffic - e.g. syncing music or photos. The protocol doesn't support sufficiently high bandwidth to make large amounts of data transfer feasible, you're usually better off sticking with a cable.

I'm sorry if it appeared that I was suggesting you could sync music via bluetooth - I didn't.  I was saying that you can play music via Bluetooth.  Transferring files of that type via bluetooth certainly would be prohibitive.