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SBS Console Error

I have a SBS 2008. When I go to the Windows SBS Console under Network --> Computers I have one computer that doesn't connect properly. It gives me the following error: Online - Do not have permission to access information for this computer.

How can I fix this issue?
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Should I first remove the computer name from the Active Directory, DNS and DHCP?
I would disjoin the domain and then remove. The reason for changing the name is to be sure there are no reminants of the PC such as AD, DNS, DHCP, ARP, NetBIOS cache etc.
AD, DNS, DHCP : I know how to remove/clean a certain computer

Is there anything else I should do?
From a command line:
Flush DNS cache:  ipconfig /flushdns
Flush NetBIOS cache:   nbtstat -R   (note capital 'R')
Flush ARP cache:  netsh interface ip delete arpcache
Correct me if I am wrong, I run these command lines from the SBS!!!

will these command lines affect any other computer on the network or not presently on the network to do people on vacation?
On the SBS, and there will be no negative affect on any computers. The caches are automatically updated and retained for a period of time every time a connection of any sort is made. The intent is to speed up name resolution for commonly accessed devices, but we are talking about fractions of a second.
i will do that tomorrow
I have just finished the steps and reconnected the client using http://connect
I will monitor the even viewer and hopefully I won't see any more DCOM
Thanks for updating.
Let us know how you make out.
Everything worked RobWill, thank you, I will send you a link soon about some other problems I have and maybe you can help me out as well